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NES Health

I have been taking a course of NES treatments with Jenny Jones and have found them to be highly beneficial. I have found NES readings to be extraordinarily accurate. They have revealed over a period of time physical consistencies, such as a less than perfect liver and a need to take Vitamin B Complex on a regular basis. I have felt physically much better as a result of taking NES treatments and their effects were felt as soon as I started taking them.

I have had migraines for nearly 20 years and since taking the NES remedies the severity of the symptoms has reduced considerably.  My immune system is now very strong, as I rarely catch colds (something I used to suffer from) or viruses.

Also I believe that NES treatments have supported my underlying spiritual and emotional states, as I have felt much calmer and internally stronger in the face of difficult situations.

Jenny is extremely knowledgeable and well practised in administering NES readings and treatments. She has a very deep interest in the health of the human body and genuinely cares a great deal about each client as a whole person, rather than as a collection of symptoms. This is clear from the perceptive questions she asks and advice she gives. I would strongly recommend Jenny as a NES therapist.

R, Whitstable.


SHEN and NES Health

I received an intensive course of 10 SHEN sessions from Jenny at Aslan Retreat in Turkey recently, combining a holiday with therapy!

Jenny is an expert, kind and sensitive therapist.  Intensive sessions of SHEN can be quite dramatic and in my case some were, but she dealt with them well and at all times I felt safe and cared for.  Has it worked?  Yes!  The changes are subtle but definitely there and I feel better in myself than I have for a long time. 

I also chose to have a NES Health human body field scan at the end of my SHEN series and a further one after I returned to UK.  My initial scepticism, and I was sceptical, disappeared when I saw the results of the scan.  I was amazed at the results, not only did it pick up things I was aware of but also things Id forgotten and also things which had happened during SHEN which were a mystery at the time but with NES made sense.

As far as Im concerned, highly recommended!

S, Coventry


Reflexology and Indian Head Massage

I am epileptic, have arthritis and have had breast cancer.  I first met Jenny at the Chemotherapy Unit at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent.  When I was having chemotherapy the nurses suggested I have reflexology before treatments as it can help relax the patient and accept the chemo better.  It helped me to let go of the stress and tension at the time.  Coping mentally with cancer is almost as bad as having the disease and treatment and through Jennys work she helped me to do this, with the added help of guided visualisations.

After my recovery from cancer I continued to see Jenny for reflexology periodically, which, as well as the above, has helped relieve the pain I have with arthritis, which means I can move around pain free, which lasts a few days.  It helps me to sleep better too.  Jenny knows exactly where on my foot to apply pressure as each part of the foot corresponds with the body.  She works in the specific area of the foot and place where I am getting pain, it sometimes goes warm and I get either pins and needles or mild cramp as the negativity goes away.

I have also had Indian Head Massage with Jenny.  I find this very relaxing it helps with my epilepsy and arthritis and it helps sooth my head and neck especially.  Its also helped me to sleep better.

Mrs B, Ashford, Kent.



When your mind and body have had enough, they tell you to stop. Fatigue, malaise, aches and pains, loss of libido, anhedony, melancholy, depression… all vague terms which suggest something is wrong, but not why. What we may think of as physical pain or disease is perhaps more complicated, and the orthodox approach may find nothing to treat, or provide treatments which address only the symptoms. That is not to say that orthodox medicine does not have its place: merely that its place is defined: physical therapy for physical disease.

After years of such symptoms, I have tried lots of things: exercise, diets, supplements, yoga, massage, meditation, tai chi… Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, counselling: they all have their place. All of them help, in one way or another. Antidepressants just made me feel numb, wired, and useless, all at the same time. I tried many different types, but they did nothing to make me feel better about myself.

I had lost my job and had spent time in hospital, and was trying to get back to normality. Voluntary work was useful, but I still had no confidence and frequently felt suicidal: I was taking a high dose of antidepressants, but they didn’t shift the depression.

Then a friend recommended SHEN, a therapy I had never heard of. I had no idea what to expect, but decided to give it a go, as I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Driving down to Littlestone, I was nervous, to say the least, but soon found that my fears had no foundation. The atmosphere was so calm and Jenny so gentle, insightful and considerate, that my apprehension simply melted away.

I cannot explain what happened during the sessions, except that things shifted, sometimes dramatically, at other times more subtly, and I gradually found myself able to move on. I stopped taking antidepressants, relying instead on the techniques Jenny taught me to process feelings. A book she recommended (Ruskan, J. (2003) ‘Emotional Clearing’ Wyler and Co. New York)has also helped immensely and I cannot be sure whether it was the SHEN, NES, the book, or a combination of all these, along with the non-judgmental support of an experienced professional. As frustrating as that may be, from a scientific point of view, in a sense, it doesn’t matter: things have shifted; I have moved on.

Since then, I have embarked on a new journey, and have now almost completed a degree course, with the prospect of a new career in sight. Naturally, I still have my ups and downs, but the tools and techniques Jenny taught me have provided me with a new resilience. Thank you, Jenny, for your kindness, sensitivity, support and discretion. Without your help, it might have taken me a lot longer to get to where I am, or I might not have made it this far.

With deep respect?

Iain, Folkestone


Once again tears welled up in my eyes, it felt like my emotions were full up and were overflowing. Most of the time I was fine, but these "events" were becoming more regular and I was finding it more and more difficult to hide my unsteady grip on my life.

As a treat, my wife arranged for me to have a session with Jenny, we talked and agreed that a course of Shen sessions might be a route to tackle what felt to me like a form of madness.

A combination of gentle talking and the unbelievable Shen sessions unravelled issues I had kept buried for many, many years and allowed me to carefully wash them away. In addition, I have learnt a method to deal with new troubles and difficulties that seem ever present in our everyday lives.

I am aware that this was my personal experience, but it was like opening the curtains and letting the sun flood in to a part of me that had been very dark and sad.

All the very best,

Mr M, Hythe


When it comes to my journey of self awareness, there are some people who stand out when I look back on where I have come from. And one of those people is Jenny Jones.

After having experienced hypnotherapy for a while, I came to see that I needed something else. I had seen many improvements through having hypnotherapy. My boundaries had improved, I began to feel more settled and I was able to let go of certain things.  However, while my mind was starting to settle down, the same could not be said about my body. I had an emotional build up and I needed to find someone to help me with the process of letting go.

A friend recommended Jenny Jones and Shen Therapy. She said that this was for people who were ready to let and as I was at that stage, it would help me.  After having Shen for the first time, I felt different.  I felt more connected to my heart and I felt lighter, amongst other things. Shortly after the session, I was amazed at how different I felt and I was also extremely grateful for having come into contact with Jenny. I could also see that this was how a therapist should be.  I was able to open up and share what was going on for me; I wasn’t forced to reveal anything or dismissed in any way. Whatever was going on for me was fine and not something to feel ashamed of.  And through feeling safe, I was able to open up and share my story with Jenny.  I wasn’t invalidated and told to ‘just let go’ or that I needed to ‘move on’.  In the past I had heard this from the therapists that I had worked with and it didn’t help.  All it did was make me feel weak and that I was missing something. Through being accepted, I was able to gradually let go of the emotional build up that I had.

When I went to see Jenny for the first time I thought I just needed to let go of the emotional build up that I had and then that was it. But this soon changed when a relationship I was in came to an end. The emotions I was aware of at the beginning were just the tip of the iceberg and I was soon at rock bottom. The end of the relationship was the catalyst for me to face all of the emotions that had been trapped in my body since I was a child. I was emotionally overwhelmed, holding on at times. I was able to observe what was taking place, but I couldn’t do much else.

There were moments were I wasn’t sure I was going to make it; I was down and I wasn’t going to be getting up any time soon. 

Throughout my childhood years I experienced a lot of neglect and this caused a lot of pain. There was no one around and if there was, it wasn’t safe for me to show my feelings.  I had to repress my emotions and for many years they had been trapped in my body. I wasn’t really aware of them, but the impact they were having could be seen in every area of my life. And because I was aware of my history, it enabled me to understand where these emotions had come from. So while it was painful when they came to the surface, I knew they had to be released at some point in my life.

So if it wasn’t for Jenny's assistance  I might not be here now.  I don’t forget the people that have made a difference in my life and I will always be grateful for coming into contact with Jenny.

Oliver J R Cooper

Author, Transformational Writer & Coach 


Dear Jenny

Well I really dont know where to begin, I would firstly like to say thank you so much for the time and compassion you have given to me with my SHEN treatments.  When I started my SHEN I can only describe myself as in a very bad way or place shall I say and can honestly say that you to me are my miracle worker of light.  It hasnt been an easy journey that I have travelled with you, some has been intense but to experience what I have is amazing, to explain this to others is hard as SHEN takes you back to bare your soul to be able to repair and release your inner most built up feelings suppressed after years of forgetting who we really are.  My journey has amazed me;  I have found myself, learned things about myself, some hard to take.  I am at last having feelings of pure joy and bliss and this is thanks to you Jenny.  I would totally shout it from the roof tops to people who are suffering in life to jump at the chance of SHEN with you, to be able to find yourself is a great thing a blessing, you have touched my life jenny and also my soul, you have an amazing ability to heal and I will recommend you to one and all.

I would at any time talk or email anyone who wishes to have SHEN on behalf of you . Jenny your an angel, thank you again so much.

With love and light

Mrs B, Folkestone


I was unsure what to expect from the course of SHEN treatment that I undertook with Jenny Jones.  However, despite this I was very pleased with the experiences at each session (even though some were difficult) and the overall outcome.

Jenny is an extremely empathic practitioner who handled me with great sensitivity and without judgement, her skill and care made this experience a safe and rewarding one.

SHEN is an interesting experience and I have reflected greatly upon my life, both during and after the treatment.  I feel much more content and peaceful with where I am and how I arrived here and this has helped me in all aspects of my life.  If you are considering this treatment I would recommend both SHEN and Jenny to you.

H, Deal, Kent.


It took a health professional to mention that I had PTSD. After some weeks practicing mindfulness, I began to recall details of very inappropriate medical treatments that I had blocked intermittently for a couple of decades and which had been the trigger for later PTSD symptoms. I decided to take an active role in my choice of treatment. I read Levine’s work on “Awakening the Tiger Within” and looked at the approaches used in private clinics specializing in treatments for PTSD before deciding which therapy I wanted to use. Prior experience of talking therapies had not helped. Moreover, I felt as though I’d be putting my head straight into the Tiger’s mouth if I allowed my vulnerabilities to surface in medical settings! I finally chose Shen Therapy because it had the reputation of helping to process emotional difficulties very deeply and effectively. I have to admit that it also appealed because I did not have to go through conventional medics, psychologists or counsellors to gain access to relevant treatment. I needed to regain control!

I had a number of SHEN sessions over a long weekend. I became very aware of several significant shifts in my recall of events occurring many years ago. These events had proved so traumatic that I had blocked memories and felt as though my brain was in need of rewiring neurologically. It was clear to me that my perception of some events did not quite “hang together”. The process of Shen therapy allowed me to “open up” these earlier experiences, to recall events in greater depth and to integrate them appropriately on an intellectual level as well as an emotional level: yet no words were necessary and I was free to share as little or as much information as I felt appropriate. As a result I feel lighter, I am regaining my sense of autonomy and feel less governed by past events that were beyond my control. If you need someone to help you to “move forwards” with emotional issues that may have proved difficult to shift by more conventional means then open your mind and heart and give SHEN a try: what you find may amaze you and may leave you questioning conventional wisdom.

Every Shen session has been remarkably different although on each occasion the therapy seemed to go straight “to the point”, releasing emotions that were relevant at that moment and allowing me to integrate thoughts and feelings that had previously defeated me.I no longer feel bound and gagged. During the sessions I felt as though I was in a very deep dream state albeit fully conscious. I was very aware of the kindness, sensitivity and care with which the therapy was given. I could not have wished for a more compassionate approach. Thank you, Jenny so very, very much. You have allowed things to surface that ran deeper that you could possibly have realized.. Thoughts and feelings now seem integrated. Finally I have clarity about the issues of concern. Words have been oddly superfluous. I wish that this amazing treatment was better recognized & available. I have been astounded at the effectiveness of Shen. I would wholly recommend Jenny as an incredibly sensitive practitioner of SHEN Therapy.

Mrs H, London


At the age of 21 I hit rock bottom, I had a serious alcohol problem, was deeply depressed and was on the verge of a complete breakdown  I considered suicide but thankfully I had enough consideration for my family left inside of me not to take this option.  Instead I made a conscious decision that I would draw a line under my life and start again, with no recriminations towards my family.  I developed an acceptance that the past was going to stay in the past as there was nothing I could do about it, from then on I would only look forward.  Although I achieved some success with this attitude of mind, the emotions that had got buried deep in my body were not so accepting and I was aware that attitudes learnt in childhood were affecting my adult behaviour, particularly towards relationships with other people.  Having suffered from depression since early childhood, I tried professional counselling but found the depression still remained.  I decided to see if SHEN could help me.

When I had my first SHEN session Jenny asked me where in my body I felt the emotion I was feeling.  I was bewildered by this question and couldnt answer.  It had never occurred to me that I should feel emotions, I had thought it was a state of mind, which just goes to show how out of touch I was with my body.  Being a fairly calm and laid-back person, I was amazed when the first emotion to surface with SHEN was anger towards my mother for the way she treated me as a child.  Having been on the receiving end of her anger, I thought it was only she that was capable of this emotion.  I would never have dared to show anger towards her, but it was obviously something that I subconsciously wanted to do and which was released from me in this session.  I knew I had been very scared of her when I was little, but I was totally unprepared for the felling of absolute terror of her which occurred in the second session.  These were emotions that Id subconsciously held inside of me since I was a small child and had no recollection of before SHEN but for which I believe were fundamental to my dysfunctional relationship with my mother.

I dont think I was ever able to cope with these emotions when they first occurred all those years ago, particularly as my familys attitude was to laugh and mock me if my emotions were displayed, which is why Id hidden them away.  With SHEN I have found that in order to release these emotions from the body you have to experience them first.  This could have been a frightening prospect but I found that with Jennys gentle coaxing and positive manner that it enabled me to confront these feelings and ultimately release them.  Jenny always seemed to know before I did that an emotion was going to surface, for me it felt like a wave rising out of the water and then gently crashing down on the surface of the sea.

My feelings of deep sorrow and unimaginable grief for the death of my brother was in some ways easier for me to understand as these emotions were still raw and barely under the surface.  What I hadnt realised was that buried very deep in my subconscious was the feeling of fear and panic that he must have felt when he knew the plane was going to crash.  I now believe it was this fear that started to surface in me after 9/11 when I found I couldnt cope.  At the time I received another lot of counselling which helped in the short term, but still the feelings of grief and fear remained.  It was this fear that was at the innermost core of my grief, but because it was buried so deeply inside me I wasnt able to overcome it.  This is where SHEN has helped me the most, after 25 years of holding this inside me, I felt tremendous relief when it was finally released.  My deepest thanks to Jenny for her gentle encouragement, compassion and support she gave me during and after that very difficult session.

For the first time in my entire life I no longer feel depressed.  I somehow feel lighter and happier and feel I can now get on and enjoy the rest of my life.  I have finally put my past behind me by totally accepting it instead of hiding it away for it to re-emerge.  I also feel more confidence that I will be able to cope with future traumas that may come my way.  My attitude towards my mother is more positive, as I can relate to her own difficult childhood and realise now that her actions were as a result of her inability to confront her own emotions.  As for my brother, Ill never forget him but my memories are filled more with happiness for the time I had with him when he was alive, instead of sadness for the feelings of loss after his death.

I can now answer the question Jenny asked in my first session.  Im more in touch with my body now, I understand how I react to my emotions and therefore feel more confident in expressing them rather than holding them in.  My warmest thanks to Jenny for helping me.

Miss M, Dover